Demographics, Zoning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Facilities Services Unit
1180 Military Tribute Place
Henderson, NV 89074
702-799-6430 Main Office
702-799-0029 Fax Number

Richard Baldwin – Director, Demographics, Zoning and GIS

Tracy Murphy – Coordinator IV, Demographics, Zoning and GIS

Steve Burda – Coordinator, GIS Supervisor

Sean Sullivan – Coordinator, Statistician

Tony Weis – Coordinator, Zoning Search Database Coordination

Sheri Garbiso – GIS Senior Analyst, Residential Development Tracking

Bianka Alvarez – AZAC Secretary

Donaji Jimenez Morales – Utilization / Capacity Specialist

Ruth Cervantes – Office Specialist

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Attendance Zone Advisory Commission (AZAC)
702-799-0239 AZAC Hotline Email