How do I know what school my child is zoned to attend?

Go to dzg.ccsd.net and click on the Zoning Tab. Enter your address in the boxes as shown and click Search. This search will show the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School your child is zoned to attend.

Why does the Zoning Search show “No Matches” for my address?

Be sure you enter only the street number and name in the designated box. Do not enter a direction (i.e. North) or a Street designation (i.e. Avenue).

How can I find the attendance boundaries for a school?

Go to dzg.ccsd.net, click on the Maps and Data Tab and go to “Attendance Boundary Maps”. Click on the attendance boundary for the type of school you are looking for.

How do I request a zone variance for my child to attend a school other than the school they are zoned to attend?

You can request a zone variance from the school you would like your child to attend. You must go to the school you would like your student to attend and complete a variance request form. The request must be approved by the principal of that school and the principal of the school they are zoned to attend.

How do I know that my Online Registration went through?

Online registration is not done in the Demographics, Zoning and GIS Department but in Campus Portal. Questions may be directed to 702-799-7678.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment provides parents of CCSD students with another choice. In April of each year, a list of all schools with available seats for the coming school year will be posted at www.ccsd.net Parent Tab under the Open Enrollment Link. For more information, please visit itsyourchoice.ccsd.net/open-enrollment or call 702-799-6430.